photo: Gdańsk Zological Garden
1st edition
Save the orangutan

Welcome at the platform where personal engagement of each MBA student directly influences the reality that surrounds us!

Impact Project – gamification that aims on development of personal competences of each student in four pillars: Strategic Thinking / People Management & Self-development / Operational Excellence / Foundations.

Complete the 20 tasks at any time, individually exceed the thresholds for which you will receive intereting rewards. Collect the right number of bananas with the group to adopt the couple of orangutans from the Gdańsk Zoo - Raja and Albert!

Raja and Albert - representatives of endangered species - are waiting for your action.

All depends on you. Join Gdańsk Tech MBA programme to discover more. To read about the admission process for the nearest MBA edition visit

Develop your leadership competencies and have a real impact on the surrounding world. Convert you engagement into social impact!

To get more information contact the Game Master:

Created by Center for Innovative Education

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